Surface Functionalized Silica

Aside from our most popular silica sizes, we also accept requests for other sizes and surface functionalization. We can target any size of silica between 20 nm and 3 µm with a guaranteed coefficient of variation less than 10%.

We have the ability to functionalize our monodisperse particles at large scales. We readily provide these products on demand:

The stability of the functionalities in water have been measured for 200nm silica nanoparticles via the respective zeta potential of these functional groups. The presence of the hydroxyl ion (OH-) in the silanol group on the surface of the colloidal silica particles gives it a negative zeta-potential with a value of around -40mV. On the other hand, amine-terminated silica nanoparticles tend to show a positive zeta potential of approximately 25 to 30 mV depending on the nature of the functional group. 

  • Amine-terminated silica
  • Alkyl & Vinyl-terminated silica
  • Methacrylate-terminated silica
  • Hydrophobic & superhydrophobic silica

Superhydrophobic Silica

Our proprietary, patent-pending process has led to large scale production of monodisperse, superhydrophobic silica nanoparticles and microspheres. We retain our ability to target any size between 100 nm to 2 µm while producing  large quantities. The particles are halogen-free and containing no harmful fluorinating agents that are traditionally used to fabricate superhydrophobic surfaces. Our superhydrophobic silica has a guaranteed contact angle of greater than 120 degrees with water.