Our Partnerships


At Superior Silica, we are actively seeking to expand our capability as a supplier through commercial partnerships. We have enjoyed tremendous growth by leveraging our expertise in silica production for specific end-products. Our partners have come to expect commited engineers that have an innate sense of two-way partnerships. Below are examples of specific technologies that we are developing through our commercial partnerships. 

Filtration Solutions 

Superior Silica has worked with leading Fortune 500 companies to provide material solutions for membrane-based products. These proprietary products rely on a large-scale, highly monodisperse array of particles that are patterned based on their respective diameters. Our SUPSIL™ STANDARD product line serves this purpose thoroughly.

Our highly competitive pricing structure has led to this product being adopted by multiple customers. Depending on the compatibility of the membrane matrix, Superior Silica also provides surface treatment.

Monodispersity in Action 

Superior Silica has worked with manufacturers of synthetic opal to provide ultra-pure silica nanoparticles at a very high degree of monodispersity. Our SUPSIL™ PREMIUM product line has been extremely successful in fulfilling the need for monodisperse arrays between 180nm to 400nm that can be self-assembled to a radiant opalescent surface appearance.

Over years of commercial partnerships with multiple synthetic opal manufacturers, we have developed a consistency second to none in the market. We are now working with specific photonic applications to fabricate opalescent, self-assembled thin films.

A Self-Cleaning Surface 

By leveraging our expertise in surface chemistry, we developed a fluorine-free, superhydrophobic silica particle. This particle exhibits a static contact angle of 140o with water and is provided as a solvent or in its dry form.

We are working closely with a few organizations to enable a sprayable prototype with a strong adhesion to both smooth and porous surfaces that can be scaled in quantity exponentially for  various applications [see video]. 

On the Roadmap

Due to inquiries from customers, we are venturing into the following areas to commercialize individual technologies:

  • Fluorescent silica nanoparticles
  • Larger >2um monodisperse silica microspheres for chromatography columns
  • Low CTE silica nanoparticles as a microelectronic packaging filler
  • Hybrid silica-titania oxides with variable refractive indices

If you have a technology that you see fit for a collaboration, please get in touch with Dr. Akshay Mathkar, Director of Engineering (mathkar@superiorsilica.com)