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Superior Silica LLC is a manufacturer of silica particles that range from a diameter of 20 nm to 5 um. Our proprietary technology enables us to produce nanoparticles on a large scale with outstanding purity and monodispersity – second to none in the market.

Our ability to target a specific size is demonstrated via the distribution curve shown above in green. Our 200nm particles are measured at 199.2 nm with a polydispersity of 0.005 and a CV <2%, while commercial particles (red) show consistent variation with a much higher polydispersity of 0.083 and an average particle diameter that’s considerably lower than expected.

The vast difference between the structural integrity of the particles is evident in this SEM image. The Superior Silica nanoparticles (left) preserve the round shape throughout the distribution of particles whereas the commercial particles (right) show unevenness in both size and form.


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