SUPSIL™ PREMIUM (Dry Nanopowder)

Our ultra-monodisperse silicon dioxide (SiO2) nanopowder that is ‘grown’ in reactors to a customizable target diameter. Available from 100nm – 900nm as discrete, individual,
non-agglomerated nanopowder. Can be custom-silane functionalized for desired chemical/physical properties.

Up to 200 KG/month production capacity.


Ultra-high purity (UHP) silica slurries for chemical mechanical (CMP) polishing with a defined size distribution. Our spherical, high purity silica enables a controlled removal rate. Particles are ion-stabilized for an aggregate-free solution.

Available as 300nm, 500nm and 800nm slurries at up to 40 wt% solids.


Ultra-monodisperse silica dispersions available in organic and non-polar solvents including cyclohexanone, DMAc, PEG, and hexanes. Our Organosols are charge-stabilized dispersions wherein particles exist as non-aggregated, discrete nanoparticles.

Available at up to 40 wt% solids in stable dispersions.


Fluorolink is custom engineered fluorescent silica nanoparticles used in bioimaging and biosensing-related applications. Available in red (Ex/Em 570nm/595nm) and green fluorescence (Ex/Em 495nm/520nm) in both dispersion and lyophilized form.

Customizable in size from 20nm to 200nm in diameter. Available readily in lab-scale quantities.


Our ultra-monodisperse silicon dioxide (SiO2) microspheres that are ‘grown’ in reactors to a customizable target diameter.

Available from 1000nm – 1800nm as discrete, individual, non-agglomerated microbeads. This product can be custom silane-functionalized for desired properties.